3 Reasons Why Urban Skyscraper Camping Might Trend


Having the outdoor experience—without heading outdoors.

Think UBER for Camping

An AirBNB for camping already exists. Why not a similar concept for camping? Instead of learning new skills and challenging your limits, just bring the outdoors to you. Open a browser or app, set an appointment and nature will come to your city. Saving you a scenic drive through the backcountry. What’s better: enjoying a sleep next to a stream surrounded by nature’s nighttime noises, or laying down on artificial turf within the confines of a cement block that’s imitating animal sounds out of a speaker?

Skylines Without Stars Are Normal

San Francisco city skyline photo

Most urbanites are accustomed to viewing an invisible nighttime sky. Stars? What are those? Light pollution, regardless of how far up, still clouds the prettiest stars in the sky. Especially the Milky Way. When camping outdoors, people realize how much larger the universe looms; we are small bacterium compared to the vast size of outer space. But a city skyline offers just enough for skyscraper camping so this point is moot.

The Electric Stove Firepit Is Popular These Days


Nevermind the roaring fire. The fascination of watching a flame consume a pile of logs, while cooking a variety of food over it, dissipates when camping in the skyscraping outdoors-indoors. An actual campfire might trigger the alarm system and pour rain from the sprinkler system; for better effect, architects could showcase images of lightning and sounds of thunder while sprinklers soak the campfire. Instead, gather around the pit of an electric stove; huddle together holding metal poles with marshmallows and chocolates not dripping at the tips; feel the electrical warmth emanating from the cooker.


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