Two Lions Lick a Camping Tent

Lion licking water, black and white photo

How would you react to three lions licking water off of your tent?

Francie and Danny Lubbe camped in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a 3.6 million hectacre safari park in Botswana. Rain started to fall and the couple pitched a tent in the open landscape. They slept throughout the night.

Then morning arrived.

Instead of sunrise and faraway animal noises, something else awakened the couple in the morning. Francie and Danny heard licking sounds. Looking towards the wall of their tent, while remaining silent, the couple discovered three lions sipping on water drops. One of the animals even looked Danny in the eye.

But Danny and Francie weren’t too afraid. He grabbed his smartphone and recorded the event.

After posting the video online, Danny and Francie were amazed by the popularity status it attained. Which led to an interview with Fox News. The husband and wife duo expressed gratitude for experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime interaction. Francie stated to the reporter: “If you respect them, nature will respect you.” View the interview below and the original YouTube video:

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