5 Reasons Why Outdoor Fishing Is Badass

Man freshwater fishing at sunset in backcountry water stream

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy fishing? Here are the top 5 reasons why catching fish is on the top of peoples’ list of outdoor hobbies.

Social Bonding Moments

Fishing is an opportune activity to create bonds between parents and children. Kids will remember the skills and knowledge imparted to them about fishing techniques, equipment and the best spots for catching aquatic species. Friendships and relationships become stronger around the fishing rod. Plus you have weekend stories to share with your fellow students and co-workers.

Forget Your Worries

Man freshwater fishing at sunset in backcountry water stream

All of life’s worries dissipate after spending time outdoors and this applies to fishing. Your mind stops focusing on your personal problems. Instead your only worry is how to catch the trout swimming upstream. Or looking out for alligators.

It’s A Primal Urge

Humans have a primordial urge to hunt for fish. You feel alive when you throw your string into the water, hook a catch and battle with your prey. There’s a spiritual connection between you, the animals and nature. This feeling exists whether or not you utilize lavish fishing gear.

Eat Your Catch

Man dripping lemon over pile of fried mackerel fish he's about to eat

Trophies are nice, but eating your accomplishment feels soooooooo much better! The process of cleaning a fish is easier compared to most other land animals.

No Crowds

Urban fishing holes are often crowded, making it difficult to catch any fish. Backcountry freshwater fishing (or saltwater fishing) offers more favorable odds since there’s little competition from other people. Plus the sound of water waves and nature noises emanate a serene feeling that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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