Reasons to Hike #1: You Might Find A Rare Gold Coin

roman gold coin Israel hiking discovery

The outdoors hold unlimited surprises. 

A lady visiting Israel, Laurie Rimon, wandered the hiking trails of Galilee with a group. While walking down a path, a shiny object on the ground caught her attention. She picked it up and showed it to the guide, who snapped a photo and sent it to Israel’s antiquities department. Within hours, a member of the antiquities ministry found the group and visited them to personally view the coin.

Ms. Rimon stumbled upon a rare and magnificent find: discovering one of only two ancient coins known to exist in the world. It was minted in AD 107 by Emperor Trajan as a way of honoring previous rulers of the Roman Empire.

Does she regret turning over the coin? “Not a lot of people turn these things over…I probably would have slept with it under my pillow and then called in [to the antiquities authority] the next day.” (source)

Alongside grandiose scenery and escape from the urban environment, hidden treasures await you in the outdoors.


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