5 Freakish Photos of Poison Ivy Rashes That Makes You Think Twice About the Leaf

Poison ivy leaves in the sunlight

“Watch out for poison ivy!”

If you ever hiked outdoors, you’ve heeded this warning. I’ve suffered from poison ivy rashes twice and the scars on my skin prove it. The itchy ordeal was unbearable the first time. After my second encounter with these sneaky leaves, I decided to research extreme cases of rash break out.

Let’s just say I now consider myself lucky!

“It Can’t That Bad…Right?”


“OK It’s Bad. But It Doesn’t Last Long, Correct?”

“Alright It Can Last A While. But Legs Are More Susceptible…”

“Yeesh! But It Certainly Doesn’t Turn You Into A Mutant?”

“Enough Said!”


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