14 Outdoor Photos of Oregon That Advertise The State Better Than TravelOregon’s Videos


All week long I’ve been bombarded with these short commercials about Oregon from TravelOregon. Talk about…low energy!

I tried to find a better word but nothing more pleasant comes to mind. Here’s a video embed that features one of their adverts:

See my point? Whenever fellow hikers tell me about Oregon, they exude a high level of excitement. Far opposite the tone of these ads. That’s why I compiled this list of photos which proves that Oregon is worth visiting.

Bridge of the god, Oregon river photo

Bridge of the god, Oregon river by werner22brigitte (Pixabay.com)

Oregon backcountry bridge photo over a waterfalls river

Oregon backcountry bridge by OregonGal (Pixabay.com)

Chinese garden pond photo

Chinese garden pond by Talolito (Pixabay.com)

Crater Lake Oregon outdoor photo

Crater Lake by IrishDaniel (Pixabay.com)

Depoe Bay Cloudy Skies seascape photo

Depoe Bay Cloudy Skies by AdamNeil (Pixabay.com)

Hells Canyon in Oregon Backcountry photo

Hells Canyon in Oregon Backcountry by Pogo_MM (Pixabay.com)

Koosah Falls in Oregon backcountry photo

Koosah Falls in Oregon backcountry by Photoman (Pixabay.com)

Mt. Hood Mountain Lake snow mountain photo

Mt. Hood Mountain Lake by tpsdave (Pixabay.com)

Multnomah Falls in Oregon outdoor photo

Multnomah Falls by werner22brigitte (Pixabay.com)

Sunset photo of Oregon River

Sunset on Oregon River by newsanek (Pixabay.com)

Oregon backcountry photograph

Oregon backcountry photograph by DonWhite84 (Pixabay.com)

Sheep chewing on grass in the outdoor forest photo

Sheep chewing on grass in the forest by timmossholder (Pixabay.com)

Slow shutter speed photo of an Oregon stream

Photograph of Oregon stream by skeeze (Pixabay.com)

Beautiful slow shutter speed photo of Oregon

Impressive waterfall by Tim Mossholder (Unsplash.com)

Now do you feel like visiting?

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