10 Pictures of People Showing Their Outdoor Fearlessness


Do you adore the outdoors like the people below? Here are 10 photos of people conjuring their #nofucksgiven spirit and experiencing the outdoors in ways you could only previously imagine.

Machu Pichu hiking along the vertical staircase

Pinned Image by Virendra Gupta

Mount Everest solo climbing without oxygen, 1980

No oxygen Mt. Everest climbing. Pinned image via Pinterest (Stephen Hampshire)

Skydiving freely in the sky, parachuting couple or friends in cloudy skies

Free skydiving via Tumblr

Scary ice bridge in the mountains, Hardanger Bridge, Norway

Hardanger Bridge, Norway via WordPress.com

Rock climber scaling Verdon Gorge

Mountain climbing. Pinned image via Pinterest (MissWorldWideWeb)

Two ladies free climbing without climbing gear

Climbing without equipment. Pinned image via Pinterest (Ana Nana)

Slackline tiptoeing over the river outdoors

Slackline tiptoeing over the river via Tumblr

Bungee jumping over mountain river outdoors

Extreme bungee jumping via Pixabay.com

Slackline walking over the river

Lady walking over river slackline via Pixabay.com

Long jump from the mountain into the river

Looooong jump from the mountain via Tumblr

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