Outdoor Blogger Maps the Saskatchewan

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Are you as generous?

From reading the adventures of Andy Goodson and his friends on the blog Saskborder.com, this outdoor area is a goldmine of exciting excursions. And risks. There’s thin ice, frigid weather, and even the threat of carbon monoxide poison from tent heaters. And there are rewards. Ice fishing without crowds of people, dark night skies and beautiful winter scenery. While planning all of these trips, he utilized government data and public information to map “fishing lakes and streams, free recreation sites, public campgrounds and natural attractions in Saskatchewan and western Manitoba.” Feeling generous, he released this trove of data to the public in the form of a custom Google Map.

If you’re planning a trip to this region, be sure to take a look. Do you have the guts and patience to data mine this deeply and then release that information for free?

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