This Make-shift Tent Will Save Your Life


Imagine finding yourself stranded in the middle of the wilderness. It’s cold, rain clouds are approaching in the horizon, the wind increasingly howls and sunset approaches. Your only supplies are a lighter, knife, string, hatchet and cotton balls drenched with rubbing alcohol (for some reason you’re carrying these). No tent included. How will you handle shelter?

Introducing the Lean-To

This primitive, make-shift tent is simple to construct and doesn’t require any material. Nature provides all the necessary material. Combined with fire, the shelter provides warmth and protection even from insects. How do you construct one of these?


1. Find a long stout log. The logs you need are heavy wood pieces with an ideal length of longer than 6 feet. Lean the log against a tree, stone wall or hill; at a 45-degree angle or shorter; it should be long enough for you to crawl into and sleep somewhat comfortable.


2. Setup shorter tree logs. Gather 10-20 pieces of wood that can lean against the stout. Their lengths can be shorter than the stout. Leave room for an opening that you can crawl through to access with space within.


3. Collect branches with leaves and grass. Place the leaf branches on top of the tree logs. After covering the tree logs, pull lots of grass and pat them on top of the leaf branches. This will keep the shelter warm and secure.


4. Create a fire. Construct a fire near your make-shift tent. Find more shorter logs and tie them together in front of your entrance. Blowing smoke and heat into your shelter will scare all the bugs away. Make certain that the flames don’t spiral out of control.

That’s how you construct a simple make-shift tent. Hope that you will never need to build one.

These instructions were learned from an outdoor survival course provided by Norcal Survive (no affiliations or sponsors).

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