Meet the $1,000 Hiking Boot

JC Hiker hiking boots designed by J. Cole with Bally

How much would you pay for a pair of hiking boots?

American rapper J. Cole collaborated with the upscale boutique Bally to create the JC Hiker. The announcement premiered in The New York Times which showed J. Cole donned with an outdoorsman appearance. The publication featured a picture of him wearing cargo shorts, a jersey, backpack and a pair of JC Hiker boots; standing in the middle of a cement path with greenery in the background. Apparently you can wear a pair of these upscale boots in the outdoors.

JC Hiker hiking boots designed by J. Cole with Bally

The specs for the hiking boots (from Bally’s product page) are listed below. Prices range from $695 to $1,995.

  • Heel height: 20mm
  • Calf suede
  • Leather lining
  • Rubber sole
  • Made in Switzerland

Very impressive design! This is probably the best hiking boot I ever laid eyes upon. It’s made of premium suede material. Plus the boot is constructed in Switzerland. Unfortunately, a pair of these hiking boots aren’t within my budget range. And even if I purchase them, they’ll never touch a dirty surface.

Do you have the money to purchase a JC Hiker?

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