Would You Let Twitter Decide Your Travel Adventures? This Lady Does!

Photo of Claira Hermet partying and traveling to Brazil; from YouTube video cover image

Claira Hermet had finished a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery in January 2015 when medical tests uncovered a devastating find: the presence of a faulty BRCA1 gene. It previously claimed the lives of her mother and sister.

After receiving the news, Claira decided to abandon her beginning lucrative BBC media career and travel the world. With input from Twitter users.

Under the Twitter handle @ClairaHermet, Claira solicits travel suggestions from random strangers across the world. These include locations to visit, food places to try and fun activities to partake in.



Claira’s journey began when she returned to her normal routines post-surgery. Before the health scare, her focus was rising to the top in the entertainment media field. But wanderlust began to creep in and the idea of traveling constantly sprung to mind. She created a PowerPoint presentation and tried to find financial backers to fund her trips but no one offered. Her parents pitched in, and she sold most of her belongings on eBay. She started her first trip, to Barbados, on December 31, 2015.



Besides posting about her trips around the world, Claira also tweets important social issues. Her Twitter messages consists of information and comments about vegetarianism, female rights, facing fear and motivation.

Most outdoor enthusiasts understand that your relationship with fear changes as a result of your journeys. The prospect of new adventures no longer seem scary. Previous anxiety triggers begin to dissipate and your willingness to partake in bold actions becomes more frequent.



Will Claira Hermet ever return home? Who knows. You can follow her adventures by reading her blog “My Life Your Hands” and following her social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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