This 12-Year Old Kid Has More Braves Than 90% of Adults

Outdoor kid celebrity Miller Wilson

Have you ever petted a snake, helped a fish give birth and endured animal bites?

Meet Miller Wilson

Outdoor YouTube celebrity Miller Wilson (“Mini Steve Irwin” ), with over 152K subscribers, has gained notoriety in the Australian press by posting a videos of himself helping a pregnant stingray give birth to 12 babies and petting a snake’s head. Wilson’s channel trailer features a catchy mashup of previous footage on his channel.

Wilson’s videos are exciting to watch. He films the entire process of him catching or interacting with animals mostly using his bare-hands. He’s hopping into rivers, rolling around in mud, getting attacked and enduring bites at times. And then he accompanies these moments with explanations and analysis, showcasing knowledge of the creatures he handles. The kid sometimes cooks his aquatic catches. In this video of him capturing an eel, he exclaims the overwhelming feeling of hunger from exploring the outdoors that day. After he catches the eel, he decides to let it go instead of eating it.

Helping Birth a Stingray

Wilson hops out of some bushes and explains his mission for the day: hunting stingrays along the mangrove. After spending hours searching, he finds one entrenched in the sand at the bottom of the creek. He leaps out of his canoe to grab it. Unknown to him, the stingray features a barb poking up from its skin. He narrowly misses it; the barb could have ripped out a chunk of skin and delivered venom.

After releasing the first stingray, he spots another one hanging out along the shoreline. Wilson notices that the stingray is “fat.” He turns it over and discovers a small tail sticking out from the bottom. The boy carefully pulls out three babies, which allows the animal to deliver more youngsters. Within seconds, the mother stingray births 12 babies. 2 days later he visits the same spot to view the babies and the mother stingray swimming healthy and still safe from predators.

Petting Cobra Snakes

Miller Wilson petted two cobra snakes: one small young adult, one giant adult.

He traveled to Bali and explored nature with locals. Two days prior, a cobra snake attacked a cow and delivered enough venom to kill it. When they discovered a snake hiding under a trunk, a local expert drew it out. Wilson bent down close to the snake and held its tail, expressing fear about touching it but the experts assured him that touching it was fine. While they distracted the animal, Wilson touched the head of the snake—not once, but three times. The second giant snake was discovered in someone’s backyard. Since the reptile contains venom in its rear glands, touching the snake was extra dangerous. In a calm manner, Wilson extends his hand and holds it on top of the snake’s head.

Are you wondering what his parents are thinking? The young bloke doesn’t provide too much details about his family life or inspiration, at least not yet. One comment asked who films his adventures and Wilson answered, “Mum, dad or sometimes a friend.” His family probably consists of adventurers who’ve performed some of these acts themselves.

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