Jeremy Vine Teases Camping Toilet Classified Ad

Used camping campsite toilet for sale classified ad, fun stuff humor posted by Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine, an infamous BBC presenter in the U.K., used his Twitter account to joke about a classified ad selling a used camping toilet.


For an extra £2, the seller will include stool (hahaha).

The responses to Jeremy Vine’s tweet were equally hilarious with users’ own satire of the classified advert:

In all seriousness, used camping toilets are handy utilities. If you’re camping and there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, and the regional park doesn’t allow you to bury human waste or there’s somehow a health/wildlife hazard, these toilets solve these dilemmas. They collect your poop and urine; before leaving, you can toss your personal sewage in the trash. I googled “used campsite toilets for sale” and ironically found a site showcasing listings specifically for the U.K. ( But Amazon, eBay and other merchants appeared as well.

Still, the advert allowed a good opportunity to release some light “stool” humor. 😛

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