Florida’s Disappearing Fish Camps: Catch Them While You Can

Fishing cabin along the shore

What the heck is a fishing camp?

It’s a fisher’s paradise! You’re surrounded by water that’s full of fish to catch, and there are overnight stays available. Unlike a park or fishing hole you can pitch a tent, sleep in your RV or rent a cabin to sleep.

These outdoor communities offer more than coastal lodging amenities—you can find camaraderie among regulars and experience tranquility while being surrounded by gorgeous nature scenery.

In Florida, fish camps represent throwbacks to Old Florida. Before the development of neighborhoods, cities and other urban amenities, individuals put up fishing camps in the backcountry so that people could stay and enjoy the tranquility of fishing. After launching their boats and spending all day on the water, they could return to their lodging or campground; build camp fires and cook their catches or continue fishing from the shoreline. Restaurants and bait shops would later pop-up, offering delicious food and supplies and guides for local fishers.

But today these old-fashioned fishing camps are fading from existence. Residential estates, commercial developments and public boat ramps are replacing these encampments. Remnants still remain of abandoned fishing campgrounds, which this photo of Lemon Bluff Fishing Camp illustrates:

If you’re a resident of Florida or visiting, you like catching fish and you want to have a unique backcountry experience—check out these fishing camps before they become a relic of history.

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