Dubai Man Cycles, Swims and Kayaks Across Europe


Limits?! What the f*&%! are limits?

Sam Brenkel doesn’t believe in limits and obstacles. After spending a year taking cycling and swimming classes for six days a week, and three weeks of training in the cold waters of Dover in the UK, the 27-year old Scottish national left the comfortable confines of his office job in Dubai.


Here’s a summary of his feats across Europe:

  • Brenkel cycled about 1,500 km (932 miles) from John O’Groats, a village in the north of Scotland, to Dover in the United Kingdom.
  • Swam for 13 continuous hours across the English Channel (he couldn’t stop because of the cold temperatures).
  • Cycled 700 km (435 miles) to the Black Forest in Germany where the Danube River starts.
  • Kayaked the entire length of the Danube, passing through 10 countries before ending his 5,000 km (3,107 miles) journey at the Black Sea in Romania.


What inspired Brenkel to undertake such an adventure? “Pure and simple, this is a personal challenge, nothing more complicated than that,” he stated on his website JOG to the Black Sea.

Sam Brenkel wants his trek to symbolize a bigger purpose:

I want to show that with sufficient commitment and motivation, any human can achieve their ambitions. My trip also showed the wonders that even small amount of physical activity can make.


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