9 Scenarios You Wish Would Happen to Nature Trashers

Empty plastic bottle in empty grass field outdoors

Do you feel a deep sigh when you see trash while you’re hiking or camping? Here are some imaginary encounters we wish would happen in real life to people who litter the great outdoors.

Encounter With Jason

Is it Friday? Does the date fall on the 13th of the month? Jason was an outdoors person who adored the woods, with superb anti-social skills that people would die for. This character wouldn’t stand for individuals throwing trash on his favorite hiking trails. It’s rumored that his knife game is on point.

Zapped With A Phaser

If a phaser can evaporate a Borg drone, it’ll stop a litterer. Forever. Disintegrate all the loose trash on the trails and the source of the problem with the click of a button. Dealing with large groups of garbage throwers? Toss around a few quantum torpedoes to eliminate the problem. 😀


Litterers are invaders. Sometimes a taste of karma is necessary. Only the mysterious universe can administer it with an eye-opening experience.

Split In Half By A Light-saber

Skip all the pleading! If you see empty beer cans and plastic on the ground, use the Force to locate the litterer and use a light-saber to send a message for other would-be interlopers. Thou shalt not mess with nature!

Lectured By A Bear

Bears are great teachers. These large, furry animals expend enormous energy teaching people about nature. After encountering a bear, people leave with more knowledge. Bears are also superb sniffers. They’re more than happy to sniff someone’s trash trail, track down the culprits and then lecture the individuals about leaving the natural environment untouched.

Meeting With T-Rex

T-Rex’s sight was extremely powerful, even better than a hawk’s. With 55 degree vision, this dinosaur has little problems spotting litter. Combined with its huge height, this dinosaur can easily find the person or party responsible for trashing nature. Like a hawk, it swiftly descends from the sky and whisks away human prey for a dinner meet ‘n’ greet.

Chased By Daleks

These rolling robotic tin-cans only understand a single language: “Exterminate!” Impervious armor and advanced laser technology make them unstoppable. Unleashing them upon a populace that trashes nature will solve the problem once and for all.

Sprayed By Skunk Perfume

Skunks have a natural perfume. The smell of empty bottles and discarded plastic exude wondrous scents that attract skunks. These critters return the favor when they encounter the person responsible for the scent. In fact, these animals want to make you smell attractive for other hungry beasts in nature.

Swallowed By A Venus Fly Trap

Imagine a giant venus fly trap that’s able to wrap vines around a person’s body and drag them into its mouth. Even better, the plant is able to make its own trash that exudes irresistible scents. Attracting human prey and exacting karma upon nature litterers.

Nature trashing isn’t an innocent phenomena. It can ruin the outdoor experience for enthusiasts and damage the environment. If you don’t believe that, you should read how idiots have decimated a campground and changed the ecology of an entire area.


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