Conquer Your Fears! Manage Your Trepidation of the Outdoors

Image of young guy hiking on a trail outdoors

Are you afraid to head out on the trails? Or camp in the backcountry with your friends? Follow these steps to gradually eviscerate your fear of the outdoors.

Prep Like A Jedi.

“A Jedi is always prepared.”

Prepare extensively for your outdoor excursion if it’s your first time. The steps described in this backpacking guide covers all the actions you need to take. Bring food, water, first aid kits and dress appropriately for the weather.

Weapons. Lots of Weapons.

“Sharp objects make everyone feel safe.”

Your natural instinct is to fear an animal attack on your first hike. It’s a normal reaction to the outdoors. Here’s how to overcome that nervous energy: bring a weapon. Not a gun or projectile, but a hunting knife and pepper spray (or bear spray if you’re in grizzly territory).

Travel With A Group. Or Stay Near People.

“Nobody messes with a possé!”

Besides feeling safe from an animal attack? If you faint or misstep off the edge of a trail, folks nearby may provide a helping hand or at least call for assistance.


“Weak legs weaken outdoor experiences.”

Whether improving your fitness in the gym or walking up hills, nothing makes you more ready for the outdoors than exercise. Strong legs reduce the chance of injury, and chest endurance allows you to travel further distances—or outrun a nature critter! 😀

Stay Close to the Parking Lot. Travel on Easy Trails.

“Because I don’t want to get lost…yet.”

Why start out on difficult terrain? Travel on easy and short trails until you’re confident enough to handle walking deeper into the backcountry. Then you can exclaim #nofucksgiven!

Follow these steps and your confidence will rise. And your fears eviscerated.

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