This Student Spent An Entire College Semester Hiking, Camping and Canoeing

Hiking Legs

What if you were given the opportunity to spend an entire semester trekking through the outdoors while earning school credits?


Kevin Cadogan, a young guy from Sudbury, Massachusetts was profiled by a local publication and he described his school experiences during the fall semester.

Backpacking was incredible. The [Rockies] terrain really blew my mind. The scenery never failed to amaze me…We saw things like a moose in the Wyoming Wind River Mountains, a flash flood from in front of us on the San Juan River in Utah and some incredible ancient cliff dwellings in Utah.”

His group spent an entire semester in the outdoors. Activities included backpacking, rock climbing and kayaking. The students navigated using topographic maps, found and prepared food, climbed rocks and mountains, and paddled on the rivers of the Rockies.

Cadogan wasn’t an outdoor newbie when he joined the program. He previously climbed some of the highest peaks in New England with his stepdad, which included Mt. Washington, Mt. Kathadin, and Mt. Mansfield. His mother was a mountain climbing enthusiast and she completed excursions on Mt. Rainier, Mt. Blanc, Mt. Massive, Mt. Elbert, Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta and other peaks. Kevin himself enjoyed boating on the Sudbury and Assabet Rivers, paddling on the Maine coast and dirt biking in Leominster.

Which institution allows this wonderful experience? The National Outdoor Leadership School. This organization allows college students to learn outdoor technical skills, wilderness medicine, environmental ethics and leadership. While also receiving credits towards their degrees.

Not a bad way to enjoy a semester.

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