Is This Kickstarter the Ultimate Backpacking Kitchen Solution?

Cirque backpacking kitchen full configuration

This backpacking kitchen solution innovates outdoor food cooking.

High winds blow across your camping table, flat stone or tree stump. You’re using your mini-stove to boil your food. While the flame of your stove struggles to stay alive, you’re fumbling in your backpack searching for your utensils and seasonings and condiments. And those items are blowing over as well. You try moving everything around, stack piles of sticks or rocks to block the wind. After a while those also tumble against the wind.

Or you have to unload your entire pack just to find all your eating and cooking components.

One man just invented a solution for this dilemma. Joe Baughman, founder of GrubHub USA, previously invented the Camp Kitchen—an invention that allowed campers to pack a mini-kitchen stove in your car and haul to car-camping trips. Unfortunately you couldn’t bring that to a backpacking trip. There was a need for a backpacker solution.

Introducing Cirque

Cirque backpacking kitchen kit and pouch

The entire kit is ultralight. Weighing only 7oz., it fits easily within a backpacker’s gear without adding extra pounds. Individuals can store their utensils, seasoning, condiments and other small cooking accessories in a small pouch. Once it’s setup, the backpacker now has a wind-blocking mechanism that reduces fuel consumption and allows convenient access to forks, spoons and knives.

Here’s a video of the Baughman demonstrating how to construct the Cirque with the included carbon rods. According to him it takes a minute for setup. He shows how you can detach the top section containing all your seasonings and utensils, and where you can place the mini-stove.

The Kickstarter

Cirque backpacking kitchen pouch

Through May 16, 2016 you can pre-order a Cirque unit. Baughman plans on retailing each item for $39.99, but you can support this project and receive a unit by pledging at least $24. He hopes to have his company fully producing this item by July 2016.

You can visit GrubHub USA’s website to learn more about the car-camping Camp Kitchen.

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